The school is religiously dedicated to making taking in a sensational affair for understudies. To this end, the school will take after an approach of no homework up to class II. In any case, to guarantee adequate support at home, the understudies will be given work sheets that he/she can hone. In an offer to make school packs lighter, understudies up to class II will likewise be urged to keep their books in school and convey a couple of essentials that are required regular. In the meantime, a strategy of no examinations till class V will be sought after. On the other hand, to encourage a constant and exhaustive assessment of every last understudy, periodical appraisals through work sheets and assignments, ordinary class work and extend work, oral and additionally control point presentations will be completed.

Parental involvement in their wards' school lives is a vital piece of SVM brand of instruction framework. This takes after from the school's conviction that for a tyke to take pride in his/her achievements and accomplishments, the general population who matter to him/her the most – folks, grandparents and kin – should dependably arrive, empowering him/her consistently. This is in finished consonance with the school's belief system that every tyke has some natural potential which can and ought to be sustained so that he/she can exceed expectations in that specific field. The school solidly trusts that every investment, whether it prompts triumph or thrashing, is a learning knowledge. It most likely adds to the youngster's determination to be fruitful in whatever he/she seeks after. Along these lines, a huge number of intra/between school exercises will be urged to add to the tyke's learning encount


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